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Android : ListView with Buttons -> OnItemClick do nothing

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My problem come from ListView. Without Buttons, the .setOnItemClickListener of the ListView work well. (start an Activity)

At time that I add Buttons into items of the ListView, Buttons are clickable but the items aren’t more clickable…

I try to use myListView.setItemCanFocus(true); but it don’t work…

How to&Answers:

Remove the focusable attribute from the Button would solve this problem. You could do that either in a layout xml file or java source code.

And one more tip, if you are using ImageButton instead of Button, you need setFocusable in your java code to make that work, cause the constructor of ImageButton would enabe this attribute after inflate from xml file.


It might be better to use an onTouch() callback for the clickable button within the listview. You should then be able to click.on both the list item and the button. See this question for some code (no need for touchDelegate).


The reason is button in your listview absorbs the onItemClickEvent.

A well explained tutorial is here


You can use this in .setOnItemClickListener of the ListView

view.findViewById(R.id.btn_id).setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener(){//your method})