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Android Marshmallow – permissions state change

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Is there any way for permission state change detection in Android Marshmallow?

I have not seen broadcast for that…

How to&Answers:

Permissions cannot change in the middle of the app. If an permission is changed -> the app is restarted.
There is no Broadcast – you have to check every-time – but it is OK to only do it at startup of your app


No. You will not get any broadcast for it. On each call of a feature wihich needs a permission, you need to check if permission is granted or not.

Android has given a sample application RuntimePermissions, and MainActivity.showCamera(View view) will give you an idea to design your methods. And watch Android Marshmallow 6.0: Asking For Permission to design your app in better way.


You have to check permission each and every time whenever you use. For your simplicity you can use PermissionAcceptor-master library.