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android – MEDIA_TYPE_IMAGE not recognized

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I’m having trouble with the resource on android developers for the camera, here is my code:

// create Intent to take a picture and return control to the calling application
Intent intent = new Intent(MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE);
fileUri = getOutputMediaFileUri(MEDIA_TYPE_IMAGE);

// create a file to save the image
intent.putExtra(MediaStore.EXTRA_OUTPUT, fileUri); // set the image file name
// start the image capture Intent
startActivityForResult(intent, CAPTURE_IMAGE_ACTIVITY_REQUEST_CODE);

The problem is ‘MEDIA_TYPE_IMAGE’ which says that it can not be resolved to a variable. I got mediastore, camera and URI imported into my project. Thanks in advance!

How to&Answers:

Try importing android.provider.MediaStore.Files.FileColumns and change MEDIA_TYPE_IMAGE to FileColumns.MEDIA_TYPE_IMAGE.

If you are using the sample code from Android developers blog be sure to check the section about saving media files, there you have the constants created to handle that.


Quession: MEDIA_TYPE_IMAGE not recognized

Anwser: Please add row in your class

public static final int MEDIA_TYPE_IMAGE = 1;


if you are trying the camera example from the android guide then read this
they have declared the method at the bottom of the documentation


Could be that you didn’t give the good permissions in your Manifest (such as Camera access, external storage access, etc.)