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android – Moto G mobile doesn't show in the devices List of Eclipse

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I am trying to connect a Moto G Mobile to Eclipse in My Windows 7 32-bit machine but It doesn’t show on the devices List. For this, First I connected the device to machine via USB cable and then I chose the PTP mode and then I checked the “USB debugging” option in devices settings. After a few seconds it says “Drivers was installed Unsuccessfully”. At that time, I had uninstalled the device drivers in the device manager of my machine and then disconnected and connected again. It said “Drivers was installed successfully” and then I updated the drivers in the device manager and then set the drivers(google-drivers from SDK).But it doesn’t show in the devices List. what did I do wrong here?

How to&Answers:

Hopefully i am able to find one solution for this issue.

Download ‘Adb Driver Installer‘ from here http://adbdriver.com/downloads/

after this connect your Moto G and start the AdbDriverInstaller.exe it will list your device and then press install.

Hope it Works !

*Note : *

It worked for me on Windows 7 but not on Windows 8


this link http://dl.xda-developers.com/attachdl/3b2765b7b77976f98576f76f7f549956/532c41bc/2/4/8/0/3/9/6/howto_driver.zip

help me solve this issue on windows 8.1

Just go through the photos inside it for additional assistance go through this link


All the best !


After I changed “connected as” from Media device (MTP) to Camera (PTP), adt devices and eclipse started showing my moto-g. 🙂


1) Tap Settings
2) Tap about phone
3) Tap Build number 7 Times

Now you will get the developer options


This Motorola tool installed the USB drivers needed



Here is the detailed steps to show your motog2 (Marshmallow) in Android Studio on Windows 7 operating system. I didn’t try in Eclipse. Hope it helps in Eclipse too.

  1. Enable the Developer options
    a. go to Settings –> About phone –> Build Number (Tap 7 times)
    b. You would get a successful message saying that you are now a developer

  2. Download the motorola OEM driver at

  3. Turn on the developer option and then turn on usb debugging
    a. go to Settings –> Developer options
    b. Turn on –> press ok
    c. and then Enable the USB debugging –> Press ok

  4. Now goto step 7 directly, if it doesn’t work then follow the steps in order.

  5. Now start –> All programs –> right click on Computer –> Manage

  6. go to Other devices –> XT1068
    a. right click on the XT1068 –> Update Driver Software
    b. Click on “browse my Computer for driver software”
    c. Click on “Let me pick from a device drivers on my computer”
    d. Click on “Android device”
    e. Then you would be shown with 2 ADB Interfaces
    f. Click on “Motorola ADB Interface” –> Next

  7. Select USB configuration in “Charging only” mode
    a. go to Settings –> Developer options
    b. under Networking –> click on “Select USB Configuration”
    c. select “Charging only”
    d. You would see a succesful message on computer saying the ADB Interface is installed”

  8. Now run the app in Android studio, the device will be shown.

Hurray!!!!! Enjoy. Let me know if it didn’t work


To connect moto-g with your eclipse with windows 8.1, please take updated eclipse adt bundle from the google deveopers site and install motorola drivers from the this drivers link. seriously i dont know which is has to be done to make it work. but i did both and it worked.


The above suggestions didn’t work for us but the following did:

Make sure you have installed the Motorola drivers (bloatware) first.

Then from Windows Device Manager, right-click device called Motorola ADB Interface (or similar).
Select “Browse my computer for driver software”
Set location to “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Motorola Shared\Mobile Drivers”
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Motorola Shared\Mobile Drivers”

Click “Next” and all should be good 🙂


I am using windows 8.1. Have tried all the possibilities. Updating the USB driver worked for me.
Download the USB driver for Motorola device from https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/88481