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android – onListItemClick is not working for listview?

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Hi onListItemClick for listview is not working. Here i am fetching datas from SQLite using AsyncTask and displaying it in a list view. And i wants to do some actions when a list in a listview has clicked. But the click is not happening. I had tried a lot for this. Please help me.
Here is my code

And Layout code is materiallist.xml

And listso3.xml is

How to&Answers:

Add below code to your TextView in the XML

and try again.

Another simple solution: add android:descendantFocusability="blocksDescendants" to the root viewgroup.


You should add android:focusable="false" for ListView row items to make ListView Clikable. Because the views in the row of ListView gain the focus so ListView is not focusable. So, in your case you can add android:focusable="false" to the TextViews of your ListView row.


I had the same symptoms, and it drove me crazy for a while. Adding android:focusable="false" for the list items as suggested above fixed the problem for me.

But the real issue was that I had set android:textIsSelectable="true" for my list items (in response to a Warning generated by Eclipse); setting android:textIsSelectable="false" fixed the problem for me, and I did not need the android:focusable="false" option at all.


The workaround I found avoid the

on the ListView, but exploit the Adapter constructor that takes a Context as parameter:

Passing ActivityName.this is possible to cast the Context in the adapter’s class as ActivityName in a safe way and use its methods working like callbacks:

Given that the getView() method of the Adapter class has a position parameter, is possible to pass this value to the activityMethod(int position) in order to know which list item has been pressed into the Activity where the ListView is.


Another solution.
if you have many child-control,and its to trouble to add android:focusable="false" to every child-control,you can add android:descendantFocusability="blocksDescendants" to its parent-control.try it.


I struggled with this for a while – none of the provided solutions worked for me. In the end I found that having a call to getListView() in my onViewCreated() method did the trick, although I have no idea why. This is for a Fragment rather than an Activity; not sure if this makes any difference.


I was also struggling with this issue and none of the suggested solutions worked. My problem was that I did an override for onViewCreated but didn’t call super.onViewCreated(view, savedInstanceState);. Hopefully this will help someone else so they don’t spend hours trying to figure out what’s going on.


I struggled as I by mistake put android:inputType=”textCapWords” with the textbox after removing it it is fixed


Only the line below worked for me:

The whole list_view_item.xml:

The above is to be used in getView like: