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android – Order Cancelled (Google Developer Console)

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In my Google Developer Console under “Order Management” I have a lot of cancelled order like that:

Order history:

Jan 18 2017 5:13 PM
Payment pending
You received a new order.

Jan 18 2017 5:13 PM
Process for cancelling the order was initiated.

Jan 18 2017 5:13 PM
The order was cancelled.

This is the history of my in-app purchase order.

Is that Normal? Maybe this happen every time a user click “buy in app-purchase” and than came back?

Someone know when this happen? Thanks

How to&Answers:

I just got six of these in a row. All within a space of ten minutes, and each one was canceled within one minute of the order being received. And all, apparently, from the same user.

Google’s new interface removes some information that used to be provided to developers in its older interface. We no longer receive a zip code for the order – just the nation from which it originated. And if an order failed because of a rejected credit card or due to cancellation by the user, it apparently does not distinguish between such events, instead telling us simply that “The order was cancelled.”

It does appear that the User Latest Orders section shows you all other orders for a developer’s own products that came from the user associated with the order being viewed. That is useful information as it can tell you how that user progressed from buying one product to buying another one, showing the synergy between product lines, and giving an indication of the success of cross-promoting products.

These six cancellations in a row cannot all be due to the user reverting the purchase, because Google only allows that to be done one time for a given product. After that, the second purchase would be final. But there are six total purchases for this same user, all canceled.

In the past, when using the old system that gave more information about cancellations, repeated cancellations like this were usually due to a user trying a rejected credit card more than one time, or trying more than one credit card and having all of them rejected. I suspect that this is what is happening here, only it appears more mysterious because Google is no longer letting us know about what, specifically, caused each order to be canceled.

BTW, my six canceled orders were not in-app purchases; they were all for the same paid app. So any problems that Google might be having with in-app payments were not the cause of my particular experience of multiple cancellations.


This means that “Payment was cancelled during processing by the user or due to a payment issue”. You can check more information in official documents.


I think the buyer can cancel/revert the payment fox x minutes after buying something in the Google play store.
I have also some cancellations in my payments. But not many.


Google is currently having issues with In-app purchases: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/play/JhGtK_pqKdA

They’re charging the user but not giving the money to the developer.


Maybe this article will help you.

It says:

It usually takes about an hour for your order to start getting prepared for shipment. During this time the order will be listed as Pending on your order history page. If it is listed as Pending, you can cancel. You can also cancel your order if your item is not in stock.