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android – Project.properties file instead of default.properties file

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I stumbled across something I can’t figure out myself.

I have an android project with a reference to a library project. Now, the weird thing is that it seems like my default.properties file is no longer needed. Android creates a project.properties file. So my questions is: what is the difference between the two? Isn’t a project.properties file standard java and default.properties android specific? What do they do exactly?

How to&Answers:

I believe you’ve got an issue where (some of) your project files have become obsolete after an update to a newer Android SDK.

Run this command in your project directory (you’ll need to have ${ANDROID_HOME}/tools in your path):

android update project -p .

It will output something similar to (As of SDK 15):

  • Updated and renamed default.properties to project.properties
  • Updated local.properties
  • No project name specified, using Activity name ‘MainActivity’. If you wish to change it, edit the first line of build.xml.
  • Added file ./build.xml
  • Updated file ./proguard.cfg

My guess is that the Android team decided to become more standardized and to do away with their own deviations from standards.