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android – Propagation delay when changing In-app Product price & description in Google Play developer console

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How long does it usually take for the price / description change made in the Google Play Developer console to take effect and propagate to devices?

I have two In-App products I am testing with a price and description change.

Using getSkuDetails() from the IabHelper library I am able to query this information at app runtime. After changing the information in the Google Play developer console, the description change showed up fairly quickly in app. However, it’s been 2 hours and the price change has yet to query with updated info – it’s still getting the original price.

Given that I changed both at the same time, I would expect both to have the same propagation delay.

Which brings up a new question: If the delay is significant, what happens in this interim? Has the price changed for purchases such that going through the Google Wallet workflow will show the new price, but the value shown to customers in the app, gotten via getSkuDetails(), will reflect the original price?

I’ve scoured the documentation, but there is very little info on what happens when changing prices. This blog post was useful, at a high-level:


How to&Answers:

I had a similar issue today, which turned out to be an error with the way I changed the
prices. I’m based in the UK and changed the default price field value from 1 GBP to 30 GBP.

The app isn’t live yet so I didn’t bother to change the local prices further down the page
which meant that the store was returning the local price for the UK, which was still the
original 1 GBP.

I had to check the “Overwrite existing prices” option and click the Auto-convert prices now button and, finally I had to save the product before it would return the correct price. It still wasn’t immediately updated, but did eventually return the correct price after about 3 hours.


I believe this should happen instantaneously if everything is done properly. If that isn’t the case, it isn’t an issue for stackoverflow but rather Google. I’d recommend you contact their support.

Sorry for the short answer =/


I was observing the same behaviour. Clearing the cache on the “Google Play Store” app fixed it for me.

Simply force stopping my app or the Google Play Store did not. Nor did clearing cache on either my own app or “Google Play services”.