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Android push notification without firebase

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I want to send android push notification to the selected user without using gcm or firebase. The application is already built without firebase. Now I need to integrate push notification too.


  • How it’s possible without firebase?

Actually I want a feature that, when an admin update the value in the one field in database table of particular user, the that user will get a push notification regarding the update. How it is possible?

How to&Answers:

The way is to create custom Service https://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/Service.html , which is holding connection via socket or polling some remote server with intervals.

But, I suggest that Firebase service is more advanced and optimized in battery consumption and, particularly, in utilizing the sleep mode. It’s not trivial to make a service which will have fast response and CPU consumption. I think that a custom service development will lead to native (C++) coding of networking routines libs.

Also, take into account that Firebase provides own Authentication service with ability to seamless convert your anonymous user to registered. There is a lot of pros of Firebase services. And cons are: your users have to install Google Play Services, if your app will grow – you will pay to Firebase.

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Firebase is extremely user-friendly and does alot of the stuff for you. Of course it is possible to push notification to selected users but requires a certain amount of knowledge. As for the how; You pretty much need to setup a server that receives requests and sends back data to specific devices using Tokens. You also have to take care of security. Good luck!


It’s possible using VAPID authentication.

Google for VAPID and you will find a very tortuous road that could lead to the answer you are looking for.