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Android Push Notification

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I refered link a link to develop Push Notification but while running it show me the UI (main.xml). What should I do to create Push Notification (C2DM server) sample app?

How to&Answers:

This is the best C2dM documentation I’ve seen. It’s in the form of a tutorial and it both explains how everything works, and provides sample code.


GCM is outdated. FCM comes as a replacement for GCM.



Here’s the documentation for Firebase Cloud Messaging Service that replaces C2DM and GCM:


C2DM has been officially deprecated as of June 26, 2012,instead of c2dm you can use android cloud to device management service(GCM)


Free and easy method:

If your target user base is not large(less than a 1000) and you want a free service to start with, then Airbop is the best and most convenient.

Airbop Website
It uses Google Cloud Messaging service through its API and is provides a good performance. i have used it for two of my projects and it was easy implementing it. You can easily build your sample app with it.

Services like Parse([Parse website])2 and Urbanship are excellent but paid and provide an entire deployment stack and not just the push notifications thing.

If only push service is your target, Airbop will work fine.

I haven’t used Pushwoosh, but is also a great choice. It allows push to 1,000,000 devices.