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android – Run "Instant Run" from command line

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I’m running my Android app from Android Studio, and Instant Run kicks in, which is great. I want to run the exact same thing from the command-line.

In Android Studio’s Event Log, I see

22:00:28 Executing tasks: [:app:incrementalDevDebugSupportDex]
22:00:48 Gradle build finished in 20s 286ms
22:00:51 Instant Run applied code changes and restarted the current Activity.

So, I expected I would be able to run that task from the command line: ./gradlew :app:incrementalDevDebugSupportDex. However, it’s not found:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Task 'incrementalDevDebugSupportDex' not found in project ':app'.

Is there a way to run with Instant Run from the command line?

How to&Answers:

It is currently not possible to use instant run outside of Android Studio. This was mentioned at the Android Dev Summit, but I can’t recall exactly in which talk that was.


You can run instant-run from command line like this:

./gradlew clean :sample-app:assembleDebug -Pandroid.optional.compilation=INSTANT_DEV -Pandroid.injected.build.api=24


As of now it is possible. You can run the below command to make an instant run :

./gradlew :app:incremental"buildvarientname"DebugJavaCompilationSafeguard

You can add the same in gradle task also by adding incremental"buildvarientname"DebugJavaCompilationSafeguard inside the task on the run configuration window,