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Android SDK Ubuntu default path

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I am trying to build my Android app in Unity on Ubuntu, but cannot find Android SDK.
What is Android SDK default path on Ubuntu?

How to&Answers:

The Path will be like,

Linux /home/AccountName/Android/Sdk

  • For Linux: ~/Android/Sdk
  • For Mac: ~/Library/Android/sdk
  • For Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Android\sdk


If you’ve installed the SDK using:

apt install android-sdk

it is located at /usr/lib/android-sdk.


It should be in your home folder under Android/Sdkfolder, i.e., ~/Android/Sdk


If you’ve installed the SDK using the apt install android-sdk, it is located at /usr/lib/android-sdk

then copy that folder (android-sdk) to your home folder ex: home/username/Android/android-sdk, because /usr/lib/android-sdk will prompt a not writable error..by default there’s no Android folder in your home directory so create that folder first then paste inside it the android-sdk folder from /usr/lib


If you installed it using sudo apt install android-sdk it should be in /usr/lib/.