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android – selectableItemBackgroundBorderless for textview

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I have a TextView which is use as a button. I want to add attribute selectableItemBackgroundBorderless to have circle ripple effect when pressing. The layout is as following:

android:background="? android:attr/selectableItemBackgroundBorderless"

As a result, indeed the circle ripple effect when pressing, but the ripple goes out of the textview, but just out of the bottom of textview (because the top of the textview is action bar).

My question is, why ripple effect gets across the textview bottom? As you know, I have limited android:layout_height to 54dp. Why this limitation is useless?

How to&Answers:

You have to use ?android:attr/selectableItemBackground to keep the ripple effect inside the View boundaries.

?android:attr/selectableItemBackgroundBorderless allows the effect to go outside of the View.


1.To limit the ripple effect inside the view only you need to specify


inside the view.

2.For making ripple effect border less i.e show ripple effect in whole layout you can use this.


3.For more you can check the link Defining Custom Animation