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android – Side navigation menu like Facebook app

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I’m looking for something similar to what the new Facebook app has implemented for the Android/ios mobile applications. I am referring to a side navigation menu which opens with a finger movement. Something like this

Is there any library or example where I can check?

Thank you very much.

How to&Answers:

Use SideNavigationView for side menu like facebook. But you will need a library for this which you can download from here https://github.com/johnkil/SideNavigation“.

Code for using it is:

SideNavigationView  sideNavigationView;
sideNavigationView = (SideNavigationView)findViewById(R.id.side_navigation_view);

Now, make menu you want to show in Slide menu.

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Like Wubao Li said , this now is supported by android in the DrawerLayout

Here is a tutorial of how to use it

And here a doc about how it should work


With android support package revision 13( may 2013), there is DrawerLayout for creating a Navigation Drawer that can be pulled in from the edge of a window. And, navigation drawer is a design pattern now. http://developer.android.com/tools/extras/support-library.html


This is my implemetnation
Enjoy 🙂