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android – Space between elements of the indicator

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How to increase/reduce space between elements of the indicator in ViewPagerIndicator?

How to&Answers:

I have used CirclePageIndicator. I was able to make more space between two indicator by the step:

  1. Open the source code of CirclePageIndicator and find the variable mRadius

  2. At the line number around 235, you will find a line like below:

    final float threeRadius = mRadius * (some value here)
  3. Change this some value, and play with it. I used 5 for my case, it gave me a good result.

Hope it solved your problem.


There’s no documented way to do this without some digging in.

I think @Md_Omar’s answer is wrong as this increases the size of the indicator but not their separating distance.

And you could just use app:radius=”5dp” instead if thats what you wanted.

See sample here



You can set space by LayoutParams:

int numOfIndicators = 5;
int space = 20;

tabLayout.setupWithViewPager(myViewPager, true);
ConstraintLayout.LayoutParams params = 
         (ConstraintLayout.LayoutParams)tabLayout.getLayoutParams();//ConstraintLayout is my layout manager
params.width = numOfIndicators * space;

(I used tabLayout with ViewPager as in this example:
Android ViewPager with bottom dots)


If you’re using a vector drawable, you can fiddle with the viewportWidth and viewportHeight to create spacing between TabLayout indicators if using the dots style.