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android – Spurious files in my application's data directory

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I recently added a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to my device collection. I have an app that stores data files in its “home” directory, and I notice that this particular device keeps creating extraneous files in that directory. I’ve been running on other Samsung devices for a couple of years and have not seen this before. I can delete the files, but they will be automatically recreated at some point and show up the next time my app starts.

The files are all named like “rList-com.[company].[module].[submodule].[application].[Activity name]”. I see several of these, each corresponding to a different activity in my application. Which files are there varies, probably in conjunction with which of the application activities have run.

What are these files? Is there a way I can make them go away (and never come back)? Is Samsung doing this? Verizon? Android?

(The phone is running 4.4.1, but I also have a tablet running 4.4.1, also from Samsung, that doesn’t do this.)

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