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Android Studio 3.1 not showing build error details

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I have updated to Android Studio 3.1 and it doesn’t show the details of error during compile time.
Suppose if I miss a semicolon somewhere or I haven’t implemented a method of an interface, then it gives me this error all the time, but doesn’t tell me what or where the error occurred!
All error details were perfectly shown in Studio 3.0. How do I see them in 3.1?

This is the message that I get every time an error occurs.

Compilation error. See log for more details
How to&Answers:

There is a toggle button just below the build button that will show the verbose build logs. Tap that and you should be able to see errors like before AS 3.1.

toggle button


I don’t know if that was your problem, but you should find your errors right there:

enter image description here

So you have to disclosure all these lines to get your errors, at the very bottom. If anyone have a better way to do that, I’m looking for too.


I have been having this error since I update my PC and updated to 3.1+ ( which was done a the same time ). I was getting the tree view list of successes/ fails but when a fail occurred it just stopped, it didn’t actually list the errors in the tree. I had to view the full debug logs to find out where any issues were happening.

I believe the issue is down to a space in my user name, Android Studio downloading the SDK to the default location of “C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Android\sdk”. I spotted some of the config windows complaining about the space in that location, so I’ve moved my SDK to “C:\Dev\Android\sdk” and now I see Java errors again at the bottom of the tree.