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Android Studio: GC overhead limit exceeded

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Error:Execution failed for task ':app:transformClassesWithDexForDebug'.
> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded


dexOptions {
    javaMaxHeapSize "4g"

That seems to be the only solution available online.

But still it exceeds the limit on 2nd build, unless I kill the studio task and restart, which makes it work for the 1st time.

Definitely not many dependencies in the build.gradle


apply plugin: 'com.android.application'

android {
    compileSdkVersion 23
    buildToolsVersion "23.0.2"

    defaultConfig {
        applicationId "com.xxxxx.android"
        minSdkVersion 16
        targetSdkVersion 23
        versionCode 8
        versionName "1.3"

    dexOptions {
        javaMaxHeapSize "4g"

    buildTypes {
        release {
            minifyEnabled false
            proguardFiles getDefaultProguardFile('proguard-android.txt'), 'proguard-rules.pro'

dependencies {
    compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
    compile 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:23.1.1'
    compile 'com.android.support:recyclerview-v7:23.1.1'
    compile 'com.android.support:design:23.1.1'
    compile 'com.jakewharton:butterknife:6.1.0'
    compile 'com.squareup.okhttp:okhttp:2.3.0'
    compile 'com.squareup.okhttp:okhttp-urlconnection:2.3.0'
    compile 'com.squareup.retrofit:retrofit:1.9.0'
    compile 'de.greenrobot:eventbus:2.4.0'
    compile 'com.google.android.gms:play-services-location:+'
How to&Answers:

Increase the IDE memory (file studio.vmoptions)


My settings:



This is a problem of not enough java heap for gradle, not IDE

I increased Java Heap in gradle.properties

org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xms1024m -Xmx4096m


It seems to be connected with this bug https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=199619


If somebody faces this issue in the future, and can’t increase the IDE memory, there is another option, you need to go to your android folder and there you will find a dump file that will be likely more than 400mb, delete that file and try again. Cheers