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Android Studio not showing any errors?

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I don’t know what happened
but when i copy paste a code or write something
No Errors were shown

See the picture below in which i copied a code but no imports yet
But Android studio doesn’t show any error.
Even when i Ctr + Alt + O It doesn’t imports anything

enter image description here

Is their any setting to get it back or anything else?

I already tried updating all available updates

How to&Answers:

Sounds like you may be in power save mode. Check it on the File menu, just above Exit. While in power save, code inspection is disabled.

To get code inspection running again, you can either: 1) exit power saver mode, or 2) run inspection manually with Inspect Code... on the Analyze menu.


On the right side, click on the smiling face and pull the progress bar at the right:



Clean your Project and press ALT + ENTER for import into android studio


in logcat view

try to remove any filter or filter by your application

enter image description here


Click on bottom right corner icon in android studio and uncheck the Power Save Mode


On the right bottom side, click on the user face and uncheck the power Save Mode.


For me none of the ones above helped.

I found the solution by doing this.

Analyze –> Inspect Code... –> Check – “Whole Project

Also if this doesnt work out. Check if one of your classes need to implement some methods and the compiler is not recognizing that.

Try also:

Code –> Implement Methods...


On your right side , theres are colored squares next to the page scroll. Typee on the red square to see the error.


Following worked for me:

While opening a new project, be sure you connect your system with power,

restart and then enable safe mode and when the settings pop up

set the check for compile if not checked.

Good Luck