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Android Studio Run/Debug configuration error: Module not specified

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I am getting a ‘Module not specified’ error in my run config. I have no module showing in the drop down yet I can see my module no probs. The issue came about when I refactored my module name, changed the settings.gradle to new name.

Now when I go to project structure and select my module nothing shows in the screen, not even an error.

I’m not 100% sure, but the icon beside my module looks like a folder with a cup and not a folder with a phone.

My exact steps –

  1. Open in Android view
  2. Refactor directory name
  3. refactor module name
  4. change settings.gradle contents: name to new name
How to&Answers:

Resync your project gradle files to add the app module through Gradle

  1. In the root folder of your project, open the settings.gradle file for editing.

  2. Remove include ':app' from the file.

  3. On Android Studio, click on the File Menu, and select Sync Project
    with Gradle files

  4. After synchronisation, add include ':app' back to the settings.gradle file.

  5. Re-run Sync Project with Gradle files again.


never mind, i changed the name in settings.gradle and synced and then changed it back and synced again and it inexplicably worked this time.


Try to delete the app.iml in your project directory and restart android studio


I realized following line was missing in settings.gradle file

include ‘:app’

make sure you include “:app” module


I struggled with this because I’m developing a library, and every now and then want to run it as an application.

From app/build.gradle, check that you have apply plugin: 'com.android.application' instead of apply plugin: 'com.android.library'.

You should also have this in app/build.gradle:

defaultConfig {
applicationId "com.your_company.your_application"

Finally run Gradle sync.


I had the same issue after update on Android Studio 3.2.1 I had to re-import project, after that everything works


You have 3 ways:

  1. Clean Project in Android Studio menu

    Build -> Clean Project and use Build -> Rebuild

  1. Remove all modal in settings.gradle

    • Open settings.gradle project
    • Remove include ‘:app’ and and other modal
    • Sync gradle
    • Add include ‘:app’ and and other modal
    • Sync gradle again

  1. Remove all code in gradle.properties

    • Open gradle.properties project
    • Remove all code





    • Sync gradle

    • Add code again
    • Sync gradle again


None of the existing answers worked in my case (Android studio 3.5.0). I had to

  1. close all android studio projects
  2. remove the project from the recent projects in android studio wizard
  3. restart android studio
  4. use import option (Import project- Gradle, Eclipse ADT, etc) instead of open an existing project AS project
  5. File -> Sync project with gradle files


If you can’t find your settings.gradle file in your project directory

  1. Add settings.gradle file

  2. Add include ‘:app’ inside the settings.gradle file

  3. Rebuild or sync your project

Your app module should appear in your configuration file.


check your build.gradle file and make sure that use apply plugin: 'com.android.application'
istead of
apply plugin: 'com.android.library'

it worked for me


I had to select “Use classpath of module:” drop down option and choose my module.


Remove from app gradle this code



We are currently recommending AS 3.3 for exercises.

These settings will work in the current 3.3 beta version with two small changes to your project:

In build.gradle (Project), change gradle version to 3.3.0-rc02

In menu go to File -> Project Structure. There you can change the gradle version to 4.10.0