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Android TabHost inside Fragment

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I am working on an Android App and I have used android FragmentPager tabs example from developer.android.com), this example uses fragments for tabs contents, Now I want to place a tabHost inside one of those fragments, I have tried my best but the second tab hosts are not showing the content, I can see tab headers but no content, I am trying to use Intents as TabContent. I don’t think I have any relevant code to post here, but If you need I can post it here.

The hierarchy is: FragmentActivity->TabHost->Fragments->TabHost->(Intent or Fragment, this is the problem area)

Any Suggestion would be appreciated.

How to&Answers:

Have you seen this? I’ve referenced it a few times, should help you out.



Now you can use FragmentTabHost

This can also be used inside of a fragment through fragment nesting



I face the same problem we. We cannot open a fragment or activity in another tab.(We an but it will open in the same tab). So i am use to the below code to change the tab.


Its open the tab with the main tab page.