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android-TextView setText in Html.fromHtml to display image and text

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I try to display the text and image in Html.fromHtml() but it is doesn’t work in image display.

message = (TextView) findViewById (R.id.message);  

        "<p><b>First, </b><br/>" +
        "Please press the" + "<img src = 'addbutton.png' />" + " to insert a new event.</p>"));

The text are display well but the image cannot display. How can improve it?

How to&Answers:

This is the coding for reference to user pskink

    package com.tutorial.myjob;

import android.app.Activity;
import android.graphics.drawable.Drawable;
import android.graphics.drawable.LevelListDrawable;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.text.*;
import android.text.Html.ImageGetter;
import android.widget.*;

public class HelpMenu extends Activity implements ImageGetter{

    TextView message;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        String code = "<p><b>First, </b><br/>" +
                "Please press the <img src ='addbutton.png'> button beside the to insert a new event.</p>" +
                "<p><b>Second,</b><br/>" +
                "Please insert the details of the event.</p>"
                "<p>The icon of the is show the level of the event.<br/>" +
                "eg: <img src = 'tu1.png' > is easier to do.</p></td>";

        message = (TextView) findViewById (R.id.message);       
        Spanned spanned = Html.fromHtml(code, this, null);


    public Drawable getDrawable(String arg0) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        int id = 0;

            id = R.drawable.addbutton;

            id = R.drawable.tu1;
        LevelListDrawable d = new LevelListDrawable();
        Drawable empty = getResources().getDrawable(id);
        d.addLevel(0, 0, empty);
        d.setBounds(0, 0, empty.getIntrinsicWidth(), empty.getIntrinsicHeight());

        return d;


This is what I edit… These coding run well for me… Thanks a lot for those helping me… Appreciated~ ^^