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android – Token is always null in Firebase

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I am trying to get a token to use cloud messaging in my app with the following simple code :

String token = FirebaseInstanceId.getInstance().getToken();

I have tried to look everywhere on StackOverflow for people who had the same problem and couldn’t find any solution… I have, of course, followed the official Google Documentation about the installation (several times) and my token was never generated.

Any idea why I can’t get a valid token?


How to&Answers:

OK, I managed to find the solution by myself, it took me a lot of time to figure it out so I thought it would be a good idea to share the solution in case someone gets the same issue.

So the problem came from the fact that I used this line in my AndroidManifest.xml (inside <application> tag) :


This had to be removed or changed by the following :


Otherwise, Firebase will not work in your app. At least, it’s how I fixed my app to finally get a valid token!

Hope this will help someone else!


Make Sure that your Firebase “MyFirebaseInstanceIDService.java” file is directly under the package name tree “com.company”

Don’t put them in the separate subpackage like “com.company.services”.
This is because your google-services.json will look for the files directly under “com.company” directory.

Add the following in your manifest application tag below meta tag (if any)

            <action android:name="com.google.firebase.INSTANCE_ID_EVENT"/>

You will get your TOKEN on the public void onTokenRefresh() method

PS: Make sure date is correct on your device and having the latest google-services.json from your project console.