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Android upgrading the existing app

Posted by: admin February 23, 2018 Leave a comment


I am trying to upgrade the existing application by changing the following in the manifest file.
changing From



android:versionName="1.1" .

I am using the same keystore, but when I attempt to publish the app using the Google Play Developer Console, I am getting an error saying:

“This configuration cannot be published for the following reason(s):
All devices that might receive version 1 would receive version 2.
Some devices are eligible to run multiple APKs. In such a scenario, the device will receive the APK with the higher version code.”

How can I upgrade my app. Thank you very much in advance .


I did the mistake to switch to “advanced” mode and it saved the App as draft somehow.
Seems the developer console doesn’t like that.

Delete the App, switch back to “Simple Mode” and upload the .apk again.

This worked for me.

The advanced mode is for uploading and managing multiple apks for the same application.
Simple mode is for uploading single apks so in most cases it should be suitable.


I ran in the same problem just tonight. All I had to do was to Archive the previous version and the draft message disappeared and a button to Publish the new version appeared.


Ya i got the same issue then, i did this and resolved the issue:-

Just deactivate the previous apk from the prod, and then upload new
apk and publish it. It worked for me hope will work for you too.


There’s no need to delete the newly uploaded APK and switch to “Simple Mode” to publish an update if you’re presented with above message. The wording may not be ideal, but it’s telling you that you have two active APKs with different version codes, even though one is still in draft status, and that is something you don’t want if you intend to serve different APKs to different devices. This is also indicated in the “Production” tab at the top, where it will display both the version code of the existing APK as well as the in-draft update.

Generally speaking, you should only be interested in multiple active APKs if you actually serve dedicated APKs to specific devices. Most apps just consist of a single, generic APK though. So assuming that is the case:

To activate your update (and thus publish the updated APK):

  1. Click Deactivate next to the currently published APK.
  2. Promote your update to Production (i.e. promote it to Beta first, and to Production from there).
  3. Hit Publish APK at the top of the page.

Following these steps, you’ll notice only a single version code remains in the “Production” tab and that the error message disappears. Once you’ve completed the last step, you’ll be able to switch back to Simple Mode as you please.


Reloading the page helped hide this message.

I got this error when I had to use Advanced mode to activate single APK. I tried switching to simple mode to activate same APK but it didn’t help.