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android – USSD reading replies

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I have been working a bit on reading radio logs to retrieve USSD replies, rather than the aidl,
though I am not yet sure which suits my purpose better. I am still hoping to trap menus as well as simple exchanges.

Anyway, I can now read the replies programmatically, but they still land onscreen in a system dialog that I need to press OK to dismiss.

Is there a programmatic way to dismiss this system dialog?

What I am writing is some code that will execute my own USSD (ie 3rd party from carrier) on an android used without human interfacing (there is no one present to press OK). It’s used more to send info to the server than to receive info back. I did this on an old Wavecom modem ages ago, so it has been a frustration discovering how difficult this was to do in Android.

How to&Answers:

In as much as the documentation is minimal, this app actually does a good job intercepting USSD responses: