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android – Video Editor in Flutter using dart

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I am looking for a plugin or example of a video editor in flutter using dart.

I have tried the following plugin https://pub.dartlang.org/packages/video_player, but it doesn’t seems to have properties that I can edit the video. Example trim or add a watermark on the video.

Many Thanks

How to&Answers:

Otherwise, there’s currently not much in readily available packages for video editing for Flutter as I couldn’t find anymore at https://pub.dev/flutter. For more options, you’ll have to seek out native Android/iOS libraries and custom integrate them through the platform channels.


You can use this Flutter package called video_trimmer. This package is developed by me, it helps in trimming videos in most of the commonly used formats. You can also generate GIFs from the videos.

This also provides a nice UI for trimming videos.

The package is currently in beta stage. So, feel free to make a PR on the GitHub repo of this package, if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Currently, it doesn’t have the feature to add a watermark to any video.