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Android – What debug.keystore file is IntelliJ signing my app with?

Posted by: admin June 15, 2020 Leave a comment


I’m trying to debug why I can’t get MapView to work in debug mode, and it seems like the app is not being signed with the debug.keystore file that I have created an API key against. The only version of a file named debug.keystore on my system is in the C:\Users\<user>\.android folder as expected, however after removing this file completely and then rebuilding the unsigned app, it still runs in debug mode and does not regenerate this file as though it is signing with a different cert. Any idea what is going on here?


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Please double check that you’ve removed the debug.keystore file from the correct user account:


On my system it’s re-generated as soon as I delete it and rebuild the project in IntelliJ IDEA.


So it turns out there was another debug.keystore in android-sdk\\.android folder. Not sure why I didn’t see this when I searched the drive before, but now it is the only one on the machine and sure enough does get regenerated when rebuilding. Don’t know why it is not looking in C:\Users like documented, but creating a map api against this keystore does fix my MapView problem.