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android – What is an Earcon?

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I just stumbled upon the method TextToSpeech.addEarcon(String, String) in Android’s TTS API.
I actually couldn’t find more information on the net, so does anyone know what exactly an earcon is?


How to&Answers:

With an Earcon you can map a Name(Parameter1) to a Soundfile-Path(Parameter2).

I think Earcon is a other form of Icon, like Eye-con => Ear-con => Nose-con and so on 🙂
TextToSpeech.html#addEarcon(java.lang.String, java.lang.String)




An earcon is a brief, distinctive sound used to represent a specific event or convey other information. Earcons are a common feature of computer operating systems and applications, ranging from beeping when an error occurs to the customizable sound schemes of Windows 7 that indicate startup, shutdown, and many other events.

The name is a pun on the more familiar term icon in computer interfaces. Icon sounds like “eye-con” and are visual, which inspired D.A. Sumikawa to coin “earcon” as the auditory equivalent in a 1985 article, ‘Guidelines for the integration of audio cues into computer user interfaces.’

Here’s the article they’re talking about:


Earcon Android API

Adds a mapping between a string of text and a sound file. Use this to add custom earcons.

And here’s the API reference for that method.