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android – What is linkify's default link color?

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When you do, for example,

Linkify.addLinks(mTextView, Linkify.EMAIL_ADDRESSES);

what colour does Linkify use? It’s not obviously in android.graphics.Color.

I have a few long paragraphs of stuff I just want standard links in, and one I need to do stuff with myself that I’d like to look the same, but I can’t work out what colour to set it to. I could just recolour all the others, but that seems a very long way around.

How to&Answers:

The default style uses #05c5cf, and the inverse style (I’m guessing this is for the light theme) uses #0000EE (at least in platform versions up to 2.2). No guarantees it stays that way, though, but I don’t anticipate they’ll change that (but who can really tell).




By default, the links use android:textColorLink defined in the theme.