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android – Which MBaaS platform to use for a specific project: Parse or Google Cloud

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My Android project currently requires an authentication of some sort (mobile phone number / facebook / gmail… I haven’t decided yet), frequent read/write operations from the server’s db (not a big amount of data, and no images/videos), push notifications and in the future, possibly complex queries on the data stored.

I started reading about Parse and Google cloud (in google, specifically about mobile backend starter).

I can’t seem to find a comparison between the two. I’ve read that both have relatively easy implementations, but except for the platforms (I’m using Android, so both work for me), I can’t find a place that says “Parse is better at … and Google cloud is better at …”.

So my questions are:

  1. Can anyone please give a recommendation / reference?
  2. Does one of the above platforms at all fit my project? (I am familiar with AWS, and would like to avoid it so I will not need to worry about stability and scalability)
How to&Answers:

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You can also take a look at Kii Cloud MbaaS

Among its features:

  • User management, including authentication using Facebook credentials.
  • Data management that never locks you into any schemas.
  • File storage and cloud backup for your app.
  • Push notifications so you can push messages to your users or to your
    app itself with updated instructions for functionality.
  • Geolocation so you can offer location-based services.
  • Server extension to define your own business logic without managing
  • Android, iOS, html5 and unity support