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android – Xamarin forms Label new line

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I have a Label in my Xamarin forms page, that receives it’s Text from it’s view model, and the text contains the \n character.
How can I make the Label to automatically split the text into two different rows?

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Copied from a thread in Xamarin Forum

Probably your code:

<Label FontSize="Medium" TextColor="Gray" Text="{translation:TranslationResource MyExpertsView_NoExpertsText}"  IsVisible="{Binding IsNoExpertsFound}"></Label>

Since your text is retrieved from a resource file, the Text property of Label treats the input as plain text and will not allow any escape characters.

You may consider pre-processing the strings (replacing all \n to line feeds) from theTranslationResource.


Very simple add following unicode instead of \n


for ex:

 Studies - I"


One way to solve it would be replacing in your VM the ‘\n’ with System.Environment.NewLine

string Text = "Text first line\nText second line".Replace("\n", System.Environment.NewLine);



You can do that it like that:

Text = "First line string
Second line string"


I just use \n, i’m using XAML and I’m binding the text through Binding on the label.


The simplest way is use “Shift+Enter” to add new line in your resource