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android – Xperia Z emulator

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The Xperia Z has a 1920×1080 screen.

I need to develop an app which specifically targets this device but I currently don’t have one.

Thus I’d like to use an emulator with the same specifications but I can’t find this screen size in the list of available devices in AVD Manager.

Is it possible to setup a virtual device with this screen size ?

How to&Answers:

Just to add to the existing answer there are Sony Add-ons available which will also add device definitions for you in AVD:

Sony Xperia Z AVD

In the Android SDK manager go to Tools > Manage Add-on Sites…. and add the site
You should get the option to install Sony Device Definitions which will show up in the Android Virtual Device Manager


Yes you can. Open Android Virtual Device Manager, choose Device Definitions tab and Add Device…