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angular jquery touchswipe how to set up

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I want to add a swipe event to the bootstrap carousel that I made. Here’s the link that i’m following.







  swipe: function(event, direction, distance, duration, fingerCount, fingerData) {

    if (direction == 'left') $(this).carousel('next');
    if (direction == 'right') $(this).carousel('prev');



I don’t know how to set up or install thesedependencies into my angular 5 project to make it works.
I suppose, first step is to include script cdns in the index.html. Then where or how do i include the javascript code in my component’s ts file ([email protected]? Do i need to import?). Since there is no step i can follow from the link alone and what I did resulted only in errors, can anyone tell me the complete steps that i need to follow when including such js files.

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