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audio – Transfer data over sound in Android

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I want to transfer data over sound(eg : text). But I can’t find anyway to resolve this problem. Program will no need connect Internet.
Can anyone help me?

How to&Answers:

Found this new option, it has bluetooth low energy functionality also, though still seems an exciting development in the data via sound prospect:

Sonic Notify:

Sonic Notify beacons combine three technologies: Sonic Notify Audio,
iBeacon, and Android BLE technology to reach 95% of smartphones. The
range and options of the beacons’ coverage are configurable via our
back end beacon management system.

Searching for more docs, if available, on the same.
Update: Available documentation

I have done it using this library and SDK: NearSDK from NearBytes, found it quite reliable.

NearSDK is a communication solution that uses the NearBytes Mobile SDK

The dependency being you will need this to send the data and at the other end, to listen.
For eg.

To send:

nearBytes = new NearBytes(YourActivity.this);

To listen:

nearBytes = new NearBytes(this);
nearBytes.setNearBytesListener(new NearBytes.NearBytesListener() {
                    public void OnReceiveError(int code, String msg) {

                    public void OnReceiveData(byte[] bytes) {
                     String msg = NearBytes.bytesToString(bytes);


You can find the details at:
Integrating the NearBytes SDK in an Android application
NB Dev area