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avd – How to rotate portrait/landscape Android emulator?

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I am new to Android development.
I know if you change a android phone from portrait to landscape sometimes the app relays its self out on the screen.. so how do I simulate rotating a phone with the emulator?
On the Blackberry emulators there’s a button in the menu to turn the phone, but I can’t find it or any option on the Android ones?

What am I missing?

How to&Answers:

See the Android documentation on controlling the emulator; it’s Ctrl + F11 / Ctrl + F12.

On ThinkPad running Ubuntu, you may try CTRL + Left Arrow Key or Right Arrow Key


Officially it’s Ctrl+F11 & Ctrl+F12 or KEYPAD 7 & KEYPAD 9.

In practise it’s a bit quirky.

  1. Specifically it’s Left Ctrl+F11 and Left Ctrl+F12 to switch to previous orientation and next orientation respectively.

  2. You have to release Ctrl before you can rotate again.

  3. KEYPAD 7 and KEYPAD 9 only work with Num Lock OFF (so they’re acting as Home & PageUp rather than 7 & 9).

  4. The only orientations are vertically upright and rotated one quarter-turn anti-clockwise.

Maybe a bit too much info for such a simple question, but it drove me half-mad finding this out.

Note: This was tested on Android SDK R16 and a very old keyboard, modern keyboards may behave differently.


Yes. Thanks

Ctrl + F11 for Portrait


Ctrl + F12 for Landscape