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Average ignoring NA values in excel

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I have a column H of temperature values, and I want to create a new column T, with the average of the column A values with a step of 6. The command I used is this one:


The problem is that even with one missing value in column H, it returns #value!
How can I overcome this and instead of getting an error message to get the average of the rest temperature values?

How to&Answers:

I tend to avoid volatile functions such as OFFSET, etc in favor of non-volatile INDEX whenever possible so H2:H7 becomes,


The AVERAGE requires an array formula to avoid resulting in errors when processing ranges that include errors. AGGREGATE produces the error controlled processing without an array formula.

=AGGREGATE(1, 7, INDEX(H:H,(ROW(1:1)-1)*6+2):INDEX(H:H,(ROW(1:1)-1)*6+7))

Finish the INDEX formula with ctrl+shift+enter instead of just enter. AGGREGATE is entered normally.