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Basic framework for presentations using HTML5 + javascript

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Do you know a framework for making presentations using only HTML5 and javascript technologies?
I’m not talking about “export” features of various presentation software (powerpoint or OOo presentation).

Some requirements for the presentations made with this “framework”:

  • take advantage of the latest HTML5 features (audio, video, canvas?)
  • same with CSS3 (font support, gradient, shadows, transitions and transformations)

If there’s no such thing, example of good presentations or pointers on the subject would be appreciated.

Edit: Found a nice example, HTML5 – web development to the next level.


Landslide is a pretty neat application that generates slideshows:

Deck.js is another nice project; this time, slides are pure HTML/CSS/JS.

Even better, impress.js relies on CSS3 transforms and transitions.


As a presentation tool i use Reveal.js, it’s a very clean and modern presentation tool.

It’s made 100% with HTML5/CSS3/JS, the features i like the most are :

  • 3D like CSS3 transitions between slides
  • You can create nested slides – vertical slides into horizontal ones
  • Support font-face
  • you make internal links between slides
  • The code is pretty, thanks to highlight.js
  • Overview & two screens mode with Esc and `s“

I know you don’t really want it but you can export to PDF, and fork it on github 🙂


If you want to get websocket support and the ability to control Deck.js presentations via a Sencha 2.0 HTML5 mobile application you can try Robodeck.


This library is for making presentations, stories and ads.



As an aside to the answers, you may also be interested in a nodejs controller to keep multiple remote viewers in sync with each other.