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Best editor/IDE(?) for Javascript / PHP development

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I’m primarily a C#.NET developer, and dabble with VB.NET when I need to for dealing with older applications within the organisation.

I have been doing more work with PHP and Javascript lately, mainly in the domain of WordPress.

I think Visual Studio is a great IDE, really familiar with it. Is there anything out there that’s the defacto standard for PHP development?

I’m looking for intellisense type features to speed things up where possible etc.

I looked at CodeLobster which is free, but I am willing to pay if there’s anything out there that’s particularly good. What is the Visual Studio for PHP developers?

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Not sure about it being the Visual Studio for PHP but Netbeans is easily the best IDE for PHP i’ve used.


I feel Komodo Edit is a great tool.

  • It supports autocompletion, both from standard library and custom code.
  • It can handle multiple language files (such as HTML with PHP tags and some Javascript), with autocompletion for all of them
  • Is fully scriptable, in Javascript and Python
  • Recognizes a lot of languages
  • Is open source


Aptana Studio is a nice product. It also allows you to use the plethora of Eclipse plugins out there.


Zend Studio IMO is the Visual Studio of the PHP world. Pretty good product.


If you’re looking for an IDE I would look at Komodo, or Zend Studio. You could also look at InteliJ but that’s less PHP / Javascript focused then the others.

Personally I find little if any need for an IDE with TextMate. Everything I need handled is handled. If you drop auto-completion and start memorizing function calls (not a trivial task, but better in the long run) it prepares you more for the situations where you don’t have access to all the fancy tools you’re accustomed to. When you have a bad server and end up using SSH and VI[M] to fix something you actually can.


I use PHPEclipse for PHP (either that or just Notepad++). I like using Eclipse for most of my development, because it supports most languages, and has a ton of plugins if you need them. There’s JSEclipse, and also a JS plugin for all the Eclipses.

There’s also NetBeans, which is a little more lightweight. It’s meant for Java, but also does PHP just fine.