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Best way to implement Facebook PHP SDK into Yii Framework

Posted by: admin July 12, 2020 Leave a comment


I have put the Facebook SDK files into the protected/helpers directory, from which I autoload classes and 3rd Party helpers for my Yii Application.

When one of my projects involved Facebook Login, I’ve came up with this simple and quick solution, using the Yii::app()->params to achive the inheritance of an object property throughout the application.

// don't mind this $facebook variable, it's just a shortcut in this method
Yii::app()->params['facebook'] = $facebook = new Facebook(array(
    'appId' => '148966221932337',
    'secret' => 'a52ce7b4a0cd5d517c6ada53fc77cde7',
    'cookie' => true,

$user = $facebook->getUser();

Thereby, I have the Yii::app()->params['facebook'], set or unset, available throughout my application and in that way I can access the Facebook API SDK wherever in my application, however I do belive that this is not a good solution.

Are there any, better, solutions for implementing Facebook API SDK into the Yii Framework Application?

How to&Answers:

Ya. download Facebook SDK files and Keep it in protected/components/Facebook then edit your config/main.php with

'import'=>array(         //autoloading model and component classes 

and add appid andsecret key in your param

        'appId' => '148966221932337',
        'secret' => 'a52ce7b4a0cd5d517c6ada53fc77cde7',
        'cookie' => true,

From you page you can call your Facebook SDK like this

$facebook = new Facebook(Yii::app()->params['Facebook']);
$user_id = $facebook->getUser();

thank you.


I always try to store config variables in the DB. Especially if they involve a secret key. I would use Yii’s crypt functionality and store it in the db. Then I would create model around retrieving config variables like that.

Secondly as far as the actual connection work and what have you, I would put that as a Component which extends CApplicationComponent, and either place the file in the extensions directory or the components directory. If you want to make it a true object. I think the helpers idea is a just a set a loose functions, mostly I use helpers for array and string work .


Kind of late, but I ended up downloading the Facebook SDK files with composer, autoloading those, and created a FacebookService extending CApplicationComponent that wraps the SDK.

So the main config is like

            'class' => 'FacebookService',
            'appId' =>'xxxxxxxxxxx',
            'appSecret' => 'xxxxxxxxxx',
            'extendedAccessToken' => "xxxxxxxxxx",

and you can use it like