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Blade engine: print triple curly braces

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I know how to print double curly braces in Laravel: @{{ }}.

But how can I print triple curly braces? My first thought of adding an @ before does not work, Laravel still tries to interpret it.

Is there an easy way without encoding the braces to HTML entities?


This is the easiest way. Use HTML entities to escape curly braces. Tested in Laravel 5.
See here for the list of HTML entities. HTML Entities


{{ '{{{' . 'text'. '}}}' }}





Very recently, a pull request was merged that fixes this problem!!
As of Laravel 5.1.7 it is possible to use the @ sign as expected:

@{{{ ... }}}

Original Answer

The least ugly workaround I found up until now is to escape the first two brackets as normal and adding an invisible between them and the third bracket:


I’ll investigate further and update this answer if I find something better…


Use this if you just want to print them:

{{ '{{{' }}


I ran into the same issue trying to render some raw HTML using Vue.js in laravel 4.2. For me the easiest solution was to just to use a simple php echo statement in the blade template:

<?php echo '{{{ text }}}'; ?>

Did the trick for me.