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build – Prevent Android Studio/Intellij Idea from building project on startup

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When I open Android Studio, it loads the last project, and runs build. I really don’t need it to do this. If I save a project with errors in it, because I haven’t got time to fix them, but plan on doing it later, I don’t really want the compiler to try to compile it next time I open the project, because it’s just going to fail.

Also it’s pointless building the project on startup even if it doesn’t have errors, because if the project doesn’t have errors, I always build it to test it before I stop working on it, so the new build will be completely redundant. Thanks if anyone knows of a way to disable this. I’ve tried Googling and searching the settings but can’t find anything.

Edit: this has become even more annoying since I moved to a slower computer for development. It already takes long enough for Android Studio to start up, having the program build just slows the startup even more.

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I’ve confirmed with a Google software engineer that this is currently not an option as of Android Studio 0.2.1. ( See 5th comment: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+XavierDucrohet/posts/1R2iPQzo4Zh )

I’ve also opened the following ticket as the engineer suggested:

Hopefully this will be resolved in the near future! Until then, I guess we’ll have to open Android Studio and grab a cup of coffee while the build completes.


I can confirm in latest version 0.8.x this functionality can be prevented by unchecking the Reopen last project on startup box in File -> Settings -> General.


Sounds like you have Make project automatically enabled.

This setting can be found in Settings -> Project Settings -> Compiler, under the Use external build setting.

You can also try disabling the Rebuild module on dependency change setting (it is in the same place).


In the latest version (0.2.6) the switch is in

File/Settings – General under tick box ‘Reopen last project on startup’


I’m using Android Studio(v135.1740770) in Mac Pro, open below file:


you will see option for autoSyncFiles, just change its value to false.

<option name="autoSyncFiles" value="false" />

Hope this helps.