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c# – EPPlus Format Cell as "Accounting" Number

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In Excel you can format numbers in the following format:

enter image description here
enter image description here

I’d like to format a cell with this format in EPPlus, but I don’t see that property available:

enter image description here

I’ve looked a number of other formats, , but none of them are the same. I also tried to set the “BuildIn” number(it has no setter, this didn’t work). I’m trying to use the system format, vs roll my own custom format. Is it possible to use the “Accounting” format with EPPlus?

How to&Answers:

EPPlus does not include the number formats built into Excel so you must set it manually.

All the built-in formats in Excel have an actual number format. For accounting, the format is:

-$* #,##0.00-;-$* #,##0.00_-;-$* “-“??-;[email protected]

The format above may differ depending on your region/settings. To see what the format is for any built-in formats:

  1. Right-click a cell and select Format Cells

  2. Click on your built-in format, in this case Accounting
    Image of the Accounting format

  3. Click on Custom to see the format of the previously selected
    Image of the Accounting format in the Custom category to show actual format

Apply the format to your cells:

ws.Cells["A1:A5"].Style.Numberformat.Format = "_-$* #,##0.00_-;-$* #,##0.00_-;_-$* \"-\"??_-;[email protected]_-";


I don’t know what an accounting number format looks like, but if you want the dollar sign behind the number, you can do this.

ws.Cells["A1:A25"].Style.Numberformat.Format = "#,##0.00 $";


I used this format is simulating same as “Accounting Number” in the Excel.

ws.Cells["A1:A5"].Style.Numberformat.Format = "_($* #,##0.00_);_($* (#,##0.00);_($* \"-\"??_);_(@_)"