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c# – Excel Formula to Pseudocode

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Is there any tool out there which will format excel formulas in such a way that they are more easily decipherable?

I need to convert some complex excel spreadsheets people have made to C# applications and sitting there looking at one line excel formulas is relatively troublesome. Primarily I’m looking for something that can rewrite them to pseudocode or a more readable programming language.

The closest thing I could find was http://ewbi.blogs.com/develops/2004/12/excel_formula_p.html but this still does not help all that much.

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Sean Cheshire’s comment is probably the best answer you’re going to get:

Excel Formula Beautifier

It has a feature that allows you to convert to javascript.

The one thing it seems to be missing is a feature to do a batch of formulas at once (which would save a lot of time if converting a whole sheet with “Show Formulas” turned on). I added a request for this.

Given how the app works now, if you try pasting a batch into the single-line input field, you may still get a result that’s at least somewhat useful. I recommend giving it a try.