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c# – How to apply margin in Presentation Document using OpenXml

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I wrote code to create Presentation Document using open-xml SDK. I follow this sample code. MSDD Sample Code. Now i need to apply margin before starting my text. I’ve tried below code but didn’t get expected result.

slidePart1.Slide = new Slide(
                new CommonSlideData(
                    new ShapeTree(
                        new P.NonVisualGroupShapeProperties(
                            new P.NonVisualDrawingProperties() { Id = (UInt32Value)1U, Name = "" },
                            new P.NonVisualGroupShapeDrawingProperties(),
                            new ApplicationNonVisualDrawingProperties()),
                        new GroupShapeProperties(new A.TransformGroup()),
                        new P.Shape(
                            new P.NonVisualShapeProperties(
                                new P.NonVisualDrawingProperties() { Id = (UInt32Value)2U, Name = "Title 1" },
                                new P.NonVisualShapeDrawingProperties(new D.ShapeLocks() { NoGrouping = true }),
                                new ApplicationNonVisualDrawingProperties(new PlaceholderShape())),
                            new P.ShapeProperties(),
                            new P.TextBody(
                                new D.BodyProperties(),
                                new D.ListStyle(),
                                new A.Paragraph(new D.EndParagraphRunProperties() { Language = "en-US" }, new D.ParagraphProperties() { LeftMargin = 10 }),
                                //new A.Paragraph(new A.Run(new A.RunProperties() { Bold = true, Italic = true, Underline = D.TextUnderlineValues.Single }, new A.Text()
                                //{ Text = text })))))),
                                new A.Paragraph(textListWithStyle.ToArray()))))),
                new ColorMapOverride(new D.MasterColorMapping()));

My generated PPT File looks like:

enter image description here

No left margin applied but in code i applied 10 left margin.

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