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C# modifiing Excel files, keeping the style

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I have an excel – file that works as a template for data to be generated. I need to modify this Excel-Sheet, duplicate it a few times and add data to it.

I tried using excellibrary from nuget the following way:

Workbook tmpl = Workbook.Load("template.xlt");

As you can see I do nothing at all: Just opening the Excel File and saving it under a different name.
The Problem is:
All the content is inside the target xls, but all Styles are gone (Font sizes, Colors, etc.)

Using an XLS file instead of a xlt when loading does not change a thing.

Is there a way to solve this or another library that works better?

How to&Answers:

I would recommend using the OpenXML SDK from Microsoft. It allows you to do about anything with the newer xlsx files (Excel 2007 and up) using C#.

OpenXML SDK for Office


I suggest you to try NPOI this one gives you the ability to serve the Temple structure. i was having problem with the template editing i solved by sing this. this might help you.

for more help about this you can view Create excel file


Another Library you can Try is ClosedXML, in my experience it makes it very easy to manipulate Excel documents.