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c# – Transforming Excel 2010 documents?

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I am interested in writing an application that will take in an excel document of a specific format, massage the data and create a new Excel document that has different formatting.

I am curious if anyone can recommend a good place to start on this.

My first thought was to write something my self in C#. I came across this tool on codeplex:


But it appears to only be for Excel 2007.

Is there a best practice for doing this type of thing for Excel 2010 documents? Do I even need to program something custom to do this or does Excel offer something that might handle this?

How to&Answers:

Another nice library to modify Excel 2007/2010 documents (.xlsx) is EPPlus. It gives you a nice object model on your spreadsheets.


Excel files (.xslx) are archived XML files. They use ‘Open XML’, take a look here MICROSOFT Open XML

That should get you going on the right path.