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Can not use telnet localhost 5554 to connect Android emulator

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I can’t use the command telnet localhost 5554 to connect Android emulator.
Always get this error:

Connecting To localhost…Could not open connection to the host, on port
5554: Connect failed

I even have all ports set to allow connections in both the inbound and outbound rules in Windows Firewall.

I am running Windows 7.

How to&Answers:

I’ve encountered this issue a few times, I’m not sure how the the emulator deals with addresses, but localhost just doesn’t work for me.

Changing the connection command to telnet 5554 enabled me to connect, so if localhost doesn’t work, try


Try using the complete command inside telnet:

Microsoft Telnet> open localhost 5554

That should work, sometimes we forget to write the entire command


Use the netstat tool to verify the application is listening on that port. I’m not familiar with netstat on windows, but it seems you’ll need -a -n and optionally the -o options.

If you see the process listening, keep looking at the firewall. If you don’t see one, figure out why it’s not running.


Firstly … you should enable Telnet command in windows .

check this

then it will work 🙂


If “telnet localhost 5554” doesnt work, try using port 5037.
Also ensure that the Emulator is running.


In cmd: you press cd D:\Android\sdk\platform-tools. It is path to platform-tools in your computer. After you can input telnet localhost 5554

redir add udp:9876:9876 or redir add tcp:5000:6000


first simply type telnet to your command prompt

Microsoft Telnet> open 5554

above line might show you following result

Android Console: Authentication required

Android Console: type ‘auth ‘ to authenticate

Android Console: you can find your in C:\Users\YOURPCNAME.emulator_console_auth_token’

then go into your ‘c’ drive then user where you find .emulator_console_auth_token
open that file and put you auth token like below








then you find

Android Console: type ‘help’ for a list of commands


it means you are connected now..