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Can't Delete AVD from AVD Manager in Android Studio

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I am running Android Studio on OS X Yosemite. I am trying to simply delete an AVD from Android Studio AVD Manager. Every time I attempt to delete it I get the message “The selected AVD is currently running in the Emulator. Please exit the emulator instance and try deleting again.” The problem is that the emulator is NOT running. I even closed down all the studio and rebooted the computer. It still says the same thing. Anybody seen this before? I would really like to remove the AVD.

Thanks in Advance!

How to&Answers:

Search for *.lock folders under .android folder and delete those. This should tell Android studio that the AVD is not running.


On Android studio go to: Tool > Android > AVD Manager,
on the action column you can delete your avd


To stop the emulator of android that is running background in the system and to delete the emulator just go the


delete the folder and restart the IDE.
Now when you go for the emulator AVD it will ask for the new AVD to create.


For Linux users:

Go to the .android folder (it should be in your home folder, ctrl+h to show hidden files), go to the avd folder (cd ~/.android/avd from the command line). Delete whichever avd you want to. Then restart Android Studio.


In Linux/*nix and OSX:

Find the .android folder in your $HOME directory.

1) In .android there should be a avd folder
2) In the avd folder should be one or multiple .ini file and a corresponding *.avd virtual device folder.
3) Delete both the .ini file and the .avd folder you want to get rid of.
4) Return to the Android sdk and AVD manager.


For those asking about the location of .android folder.
I found mine at this path

C:\Users\MaTrix\ .android

then you will find an avd folder. This folder contain the *.lock files StoneBird talked about.


I had an issue were I couldn’t delete the files in the folder located at:


You cannot delete this file even if you close AndroidStudio and some other bug sending programs that didn’t even close after you close AndroidStudio

There is a file called ‘pid’ inside the hardware-qemu.ini.lock folder that you can open up with notepad and it gives you the number of the process number. Go into task manager>Details tab>order by PID by clicking on the columb>search for the PID>end process; The process name should be something like quemu?????.exe I think.

After that, your AndroidStudio will no longer be locked. Maybe you could of solved it with a restart too.


Using command line, first lists all avd’s and then you delete using the avd name, by example:

avdmanager -v list

avdmanager -v delete avd -n "android-26"


Click on avd manager icon when window opens there is drop down arrow on clicking it a drop down menu will open in that click the option view system file now left click on file click on data then delete pidgin file.


Go to AVD manager and select emulator which gonna be delete an press OK
For more information


On Android studio go to: Tool > Android > AVD Manager, on the action column you should click to “Stop” and after that you can delete that device


Currently in AVD Manager it’s also possible just to click Stop and will do it for you.

Then you just play the emulator again.

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