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Change color of selection in Android Studio editor?

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How can I change the color of a selected text in the Android Studio Editor?
I want to change only the color highlight of the selected line(s) in Android Studio and not the overall background.
How can I do that?

How to&Answers:

Go to Preferences -> Editor -> Colors and Fonts -> General, then change the “Selection Background” setting. See below:

Image showing preferences panel

Make sure you apply your changes; then you should see them reflected both in the preferences window and in your live code:

Image showing applied background color


For Android Studio Version 3.2

This is the same answer as the earlier accepted answer, but updated because of recent changes to Android Studio (ok, Android is a moving target, but here’s the latest as of November 2018).

Preferences -> Editor -> Color Scheme -> General -> Editor -> Selection Background

Then click on the hexadecimal block to the right of “Background” to pull up a color chooser.