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Change date in excel

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I am trying to change the date format of my cells in excel to another date format. Currently it is in this format: apr, 10, 2017 01:58:24 PM. I would like to have it in a normal format like dd-mm-yyyy without the time, but I can not get it to work with the formatting in excel.

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How to&Answers:

You could use this:


Which is basically a bit of string manipulation (and some substitution of , to @ to help) to put it in the generic format ‘d-m-y h:m:s t’, which excel understands, then multiply the string by 1 to force into a number (in this case 42835.58222); which you only have to format as date (important!):

enter image description here

Edit: Per comments, the first comma doesn’t actually exist, so the revised formula:

=(MID(A2,FIND(" ",A2)+1,FIND(",",A2)-FIND(" ",A2)-1)&"-"&LEFT(A2,FIND(" ",A2)-1)&"-"&MID(A2,FIND(",",A2)+2,LEN(A2)))*1


With data in A1, in B1 enter:


and apply desired formatting:

enter image description here

(this results in a genuine Excel date that can be used in sorts, calculations, etc.)
(this assumes that the day field is always two digits)
(if your month list is in a language other than English, edit the month list)